Account Holders/Users:
  When you registered for Online Services, you should have received an email from Aflac with a link to activate your profile. If you have not clicked on the link, you will not be able to log in. If you still have the email, click on the link now.
  Enter your full e-mail address as your User Name.
Associates/Agents and Coordinators:
  Enter the first part of your official Aflac e-mail address (before the @ sign) as your User Name. For example, john_doe is the User Name for the associate/agent with the e-mail address of
  Use the user name (E-number, V-number, or Social Security number) and password that you normally use to log into the network.
If you are unable to log in, please note...
  Your User Name and password are case sensitive. It must be entered the same as it was upon initial submission (e.g., 12afl@! will not be accepted for 12AFL@!).
  Check your Caps Lock function to verify it is not engaged.
  Disengage the "AutoComplete" function of your browser (if applicable). Every letter of your User Name and password must be typed to ensure its accuracy.
Close the browser window.